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Family business. Founded 1983.
Our principal activities include the wholesale of shelves, shelving systems, as well as the distribution of shop furniture, shop shelving systems and gondolas.

We try to provide a wide range of products to meet any requirement. Our shelves can be used in any room of any apartment and house.
Our products are made of metal and wood. The base material used for the wooden shelves is spruce-fir, beech or chipboard with a beech veneer, plywood, as well as alder and coloured MDF. Our glass shelves are made of stained or unstained tempered glass. Our business shelving systems are made of steel. Our special shelving elements enable the construction of large loading capacity, self-supporting gondolas and wall shelving systems.
Iván Losonci managing director
Standunk a BNV-n Our company is actively involved in export and import. We have a large network of retailers. We export Hungarian-made shelves and import shelves made outside Hungary. We boasts a widespread business network.
We make every effort to develop new products, to serve every possible demand. We offer discounts for Intenet orders.
A few samples from our range. If you like any of them click on the picture.

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